Category: Misc

  • Reducing overhead of large S3 file syncs with s3cmd
  • Re-using SSH connections with controlmaster
  • Check Which Region and Service an AWS IP is used for
  • Running ps inside a Debian Docker Container
  • Use Openssl to tunnel plaintext connections over SSL/TLS
  • Have Maven build a jar with all dependencies included
  • Docker CLI Cheat-Sheet
  • Checking which Ciphers a server supports with OpenSSL
  • Racadm: Enable Read ahead on disks on a Dell RAID controller
  • Modifying ulimits in SystemD Unit Files
  • Bulk Delete Comments from (Self-Hosted) JIRA Issues
  • SSL Cipher Hex codes to Human Readable Names
  • Getting WhatsApp Rich Snippet Previews Working
  • Enable the Key-ID FIDO-U2F token on Linux
  • Removing Firefox Annoyances
  • Healing a GlusterFS Split-Brain
  • SAR Cheatsheet
  • Reducing latency of SSH tunnelled connections
  • OpenSSL - Generate self-signed cert in one line
  • Apache - retrieve file from S3 if it does not exist on disk
  • Calculating Maximum Theoretical Throughput of a TCP connection from Window and RTT
  • URI Encoding Charset
  • ASCII Character Codes
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