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  • Have the find Command Invoke A Custom Shell Function
  • Grepping within a gzipped tarball
  • Checking which Ciphers a server supports with OpenSSL
  • List processes currently using swap space
  • Check RAM Slot occupancy in Linux
  • Rate limiting connections with iptables and hashlimit
  • Finding the username of a user after they've used sudo
  • Check File Descriptor limits for a process
  • Check how many file descriptors a process has open
  • Have BASH script fork itself into background
  • Dell racadm - Get remaining life for SSDs
  • Linux software RAID array is in auto-read-only mode
  • Automatically adding lists of blocked zones to PiHole
  • Generating Average related Stats with Awk
  • Check all SSL Certificates in a directory and report those that have expired or will expire soon
  • Auto-rotate images based on their Exif data with ImageMagick
  • Automatically resolving Gluster GFID Mismatch
  • Resolving Gluster GFIDs back to real files and directories
  • Convert Hex to Dec and back again
  • Extract ASCII from a packet capture Hex dump
  • Watermark image with ImageMagick
  • Install Curl with HTTP2 support on Ubuntu
  • Clearing out old JournalD Entries
  • TShark Cheatsheet
  • SSH Tunnel to HP iLOM
  • Extract Subtitles from Video File with FFMPEG
  • Create ECDSA Keypair from Seed Phrase
  • Running a remote instance of Firefox over an SSH tunnel
  • Converting disk back to Ready state from Non-Raid or Foreign on a Dell RAID controller
  • FFMPEG Convert YUV444p to YUV420p
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