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Published: 2018-05-01 09:37:28 +0000
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OK, maybe they only irritate me and most people find them useful, but things keep added into Firefox increasing bloat for no apparent reason. In some cases they also increase the odds of you accidentally leaking information onto the internet

It'll almost certainly grow with time, but this snippet is a bunch of steps to disable some of those annoyances, like "Pocket", "Screenshot" and "Please, please sign into your browser" mode


# Disable screenshots
# This uploads screenshots to a web based service. No thanks

browse to about:config
Search for "screenshots"
set extensions.screenshots.disabled to True

# Disable pocket
# Pocket  lets you save things in a single click at the cost of
# need an account with Pocket
browse to about:config
Search for "pocket"
Set pocket.enabled to false

# Disable browser login (Sign in to Sync)
# A browser is a tool to access things, I don't want to sign into it
# Firefox 60 is needed to get rid of this in about config
browse to about:config
search for identity.fxaccounts
set identity.fxaccounts.enabled to false

# For versions prior, add this to usercontent.css
# (usuallly ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profilename]/chrome/userContent.css)
# You may need to create the chrome directory

@-moz-document url("about:preferences") {
#category-sync { display:none!important; }

# and in userChrome.css
# In case it changes, do a view source here - chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
# to find the ID

@namespace url("");
#PanelUI-fxa-status, #appMenu-fxa-status { display: none !important }

# Disable Firefox snippets on new tab page
Open a new tab
click cog in top-right corner
Untick "Snippets"

# Disable Firefox "Highlights" on new tab page
Open a new tab
click cog in top-right corner
untick "Highlights"


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