Tag a specific drive when capturing usage of all drives on Windows

Published: 2021-10-09 10:23:12 +0000
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If you've got multiple drives mounted in Windows and are monitoring usage with Telegraf, you might find you want to add a specific tag to just one drive for consumption by something in a later workflow.

For example, you might want to alert on root partitions across all servers (i.e. not just Windows boxes) so might want to add a tag to just the C: drive to mark it as a root partition

The win_perf_counters input plugin supports using a Wildcard, so you can easily capture all disks, but it doesn't directly allow you to tag just a single disk within that

This snippet details how to use the Template Processor plugin to conditionally apply a tag based on the value of another tag using a Golang string template

Usage Example

# Capture usage for our disks
  # Disk times and queues
  ObjectName = "LogicalDisk"
  Instances = ["*"]
  Counters = ["% Idle Time", "% Disk Time","% Disk Read Time", "% Disk Write Time", "% User Time", "% free space", "free megabytes"]
  Measurement = "win_disk"

    # The name of the tag we'll add
    tag = "PartitionType"

    # The string template
    # win_perf_counters includes the drive name in tag "instance"
    # so if that equals C: add our tag
    # If the condition isn't true, an empty value will be added and the
    # tag won't be included
    template = '{{if eq (.Tag "instance") "C:"}}RootPartition{{end}}'


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