Forwarding iDrac Remote Console ports over SSH Tunnel

Published: 2018-07-10 10:45:29 +0000
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iDRACs (and other BMCs) should never be put directly onto the internet. This does mean, though, when trying to access a virtual console you need to go via some sort of a jumpbox. I'm not a fan of inconvenient approaches (like using Teamviewer to connect to a machine on the same network) and would rather, where possible, just set up an SSH tunnel with the appropriate ports forwarded. This command does just that, allowing use of the in browser remote console.


ssh -L 443:$IDRACIP:443 -L 5900:$IDRACIP:5900 -L 5901:$IDRACIP:5901 user@jumpbox

Usage Example

# You can also change the HTTPS port to a non-privileged one so that you don't need to be root locally
# Just browse to https://localhost:9043
# You cannot trivially change the other port numbers though.
ssh -L 9043:$IDRACIP:443 -L 5900:$IDRACIP:5900 -L 5901:$IDRACIP:5901 user@jumpbox


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